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The work of this thesis is a part of the CALICE collaboration project, which develops calorimeters for a future e+e- linear collider. These calorimeters have a high granularity to allow Particle Flow Analysis and achieve a jet energy resolution of 3-4 %. One of these concepts is the Analog Hadronic Calorimeter (AHCAL) based on 3x3x0.3 cm3 scintillator tiles with individual Silicon Photo-multiplier (SiPM) readout. A former physics prototype of the AHCAL has proven the performance and suitability of such a concept. A second generation technological prototype of 39 layers with a 1.7 cm steel absorber has been constructed and commissioned by several institutes. A massive amount of components has been tested before the assembly, including the SPIROC ASIC developed by Omega. This chip provides the readout for 36 SiPMs, including individual bias voltages, self-triggering, timing measurements, and 12-bit signal resolution, while maintaining a low power consumption of 25 μW per channel. A test stand has been designed and developed for testing the SPIROC2E, and around 625 working chips are assembled successfully to AHCAL Front-end Electronics. The test beam of the prototype has been performed during two periods in May and June 2018 in H2 beamline at the CERN SPS. Around 8 to 10 x 107 events from muon, electron, and pion have been collected with different energy ranges. After a successful detector calibration, the electromagnetic response of the AHCAL is studied with electrons and a good electromagnetic energy resolution of (22.6 %)/(√E) ⊕ 1% is achieved.