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In this thesis a pre-study of the search for heavy super-symmetric Higgs bosons H and A with the ATLAS experiment is presented. Studied is the fully hadronic decay channel into six jets via an intermediate top-antitop pair. Special consideration is paid to the improvement of the discovery potential by adding a b-tagging algorithm to the level 2 trigger system of ATLAS. The study is based on simulated events corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 35.8 inverse femtobarn. While with the standard trigger menu no exclusion limit on a Higgs contribution could be given, it was found that the addition of a b-tagging procedure to the trigger system allows for the exclusion of Higgs contributions for Higgs masses up to 720 GeV. A distinctive peak-dip structure due to interference effects, which was introduced into the simulated data for this study, proved to be crucial for the sensitivity to Higgs contributions.