Would you like to publish your electronic dissertation or habilitation thesis on the university publication server?

Send us your completed work and necessary information using our entry form.

Form for entering your electronic dissertation/habilitation thesis

The privacy policy of the University of Wuppertal applies to the data requested in the form.

If you have any questions about the publication process, we will be happy to answer them.


Mrs. Wiesiolek-Huke
Phone: (0202) 439-3971

Mrs. Strunk
Phone: (0202) 439-2730

Email: elpub(at)bib.uni-wuppertal.de

What does the university library need to publish your dissertation or habilitation thesis?

We require

  • the electronic version of your dissertation or habilitation thesis in PDF format (the file name may only consist of letters and numbers. This also applies to other attachments, e.g. ZIP files)
  • the number of printed copies in accordance with the doctoral or habilitational qualification regulations
  • the printed, fully completed and signed form for submitting electronic dissertations or habilitation theses.

Notes on the electronic version

  • The electronic version file must contain all fonts and images, graphics and tables used.
  • The file must not have any encryption or password protection, not even for partial functions such as printing or copying.
  • It must be full-text searchable and not an image printout.
  • The electronic version must match the printed version to ensure citability. This means that page breaks must be identical in the electronic and printed versions.
  • For privacy reasons, we recommend replacing the CV with page(s) indicating that it is not included in the electronic version. The page numbers must be preserved.
  • The license selected must permit worldwide, unrestricted, and free access to all parts of this work for anyone at any time.
  • The rights of third parties must not be violated by the publication.
  • For a cumulative dissertation/habilitation thesis, please refer to the checklist.
  • Use the registration form to submit the information on your dissertation or habilitation thesis, which you must also use to upload the PDF file of your work to the university publication server.

Notes on the printed version

  • The printed version must match the electronic version in order to ensure citability. This means that page breaks must be identical in the printed and electronic versions.
  • We usually need 3 printed copies for dissertations and 5 copies for habilitation theses.
  • The printed copies must be firmly bound. Spiral or ring binding will not be accepted.
  • If you decide to print in black and white, there must be no loss of information in the illustrations and diagrams.
  • The rights of third parties must not be violated by the publication.
  • You can hand in the printed copies in the library or send them to the library by post.

Instructions for submitting the form

  • The form must be printed out, filled out completely and signed.
  • Hand in the form in the library or send it by post to the library. Electronic transmission is not possible.

Checklist for submission

What happens after your dissertation or habilitation thesis has been entered?

After you have successfully uploaded the document and we have the printed copies and the form, we will edit and publish your work. Your dissertation will be entered in the catalogue of the university library and can be accessed via the university publication server, the union catalogue HBZ and the catalogue of the German National Library. We will notify you and your dean's office as soon as it has been published on the university publication server. Your dean's office is then responsible for completing the doctorate (handing over the PhDcertificate).


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