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  • on 30/01/2024
  • Title page

    Corruption in organizations

    some outlines for research
    Grieger, Jürgen
    Wuppertal : Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft, Berg. Univ. - Gesamthochschule Wuppertal, 2005
  • on 04/12/2023
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    Collateral damage

    educational attainment and labor market outcomes among German war and post-war cohorts
    Jürges, Hendrik
    Wuppertal : Bergische Univ. Wuppertal, 2012
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    Compliance costs caused by agency action?

    Empirical evidence and implications for tax compliance
    Eichfelder, Sebastian ; Kegels, Chantal
    Wuppertal : Bergische Univ. Wuppertal, 2012